About Me

Dedicated to Family Law From the Beginning

As a lawyer, my focus is on helping families with their legal challenges. I am dedicated to helping people like you find positive outcomes in difficult times. Many attorneys take family law cases to pay the bills; in me, you will have an attorney with a passion for the subject matter.


From my office in Eugene, I am available to represent men and women in Lane County and the surrounding areas.


I attended law school in Oregon from out of state and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest generally and the Willamette Valley specifically. I'm an amateur camper and beginner photographer, so when I am not in the office I am often out in the wilds enjoying one or both of those hobbies. Exploring Oregon will be the adventure of a lifetime.


I came to law school hoping to practice family law when I entered the profession, and I graduated with that desire intact. While in law school, I worked with the Domestic Violence Clinic at Lane County Legal aid for over a year. While there, I handled paternity matters, divorces, and Family Abuse Protection Act orders for clients who met certain qualifying income guidelines. I remain committed to helping families access the legal system regardless of their income, so I work with the Modest Means program at the Oregon Bar to offer legal services on a sliding, income-based scale.


I have been particularly interested in family law as it affects LGBTQ, polyamorous, and other non-traditional families. Non-traditional and LGBTQ families have unique legal questions, and I am here to be of assistance.